How to unlock android phone after pattern security lock fails

If the method  of security lock, screen pattern in your android phone fails and when you put your gmail account information fails too, this fail is because a critical bug of Android.

Then will come a screen to unlock the phone by entering the username and password google with which we have registered in the phone.
with this message:
"too many pattern attempts"

But this doesn't work, Android phone do not accept the username and password, so the only option to unlock our phone is this(without have to reset the phone):

   1. Create a new gmail account from our computer.
2. Call from another phone to our locked mobile . take the call and give the back of the menu (the back arrow).
3. Set the wifi to work and we can receive data while the call is still running (if we hang the call the phone will be blocked again!)
4. Go to Settings> Security and set off the pattern.
5. Go to Settings> Sync and add the Gmail account you created on our computer.
6. Turn the phone.
7. Switch on the phone and unlock the screen data entry gmail account you have created.
8. Once unlocked your phone, you can remove the account we created for their release.


If this fails, you'll have to just step 2 and then do a reset of the phone (remove the SD card so you do not delete).

resetting the menu is made from Storage>> Rest. Data from the factory.